The only way to drive an artist career forward is to invest in the artist and match The Vision with critical resources to yielding the best opportunities possible.

At OWR we take Artist Development way too serious. We demand greatness out of every artist.

You can find us by using our hashtag #opuswr to stay up to date with our content. Also, stay tuned for our new mobile app coming soon.

Selfies Don’t Buy Music, People Do. So Why Run the Race, If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?


We Breathe Music. We Live Music. We Are Music.

Da OPUS Factor

Where Excellence is the ONLY Option

Opus World Recordings has a bold mission…to elevate the culture of Hip Hop and Rap through a panoramic crew of multi-talented, multifaceted, gifted artists that are passionate about music and help them turn their talent into a real skill that will bring value to the music industry. What’s the secret you ask? We deliver the most relevant music with a higher sound quality than most, in a manner that is guaranteed to blow out and blow up every recording session, performance, mixtape, and album we release.

Need we say more?

Skills We Use

Music Production 95%
Artist Portfolio 89%
Innovative Technologies 97%
Talent Management 75%