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Today’s retail customer is always connected/always on. She expects service any time, anywhere and any way she wants it. The advent of digital commerce has put the power in the customer’s hands. A seamless shopping experience across channels is not wishful thinking; it is the expectation of today’s consumer.

Retailers are now striving to meet customer expectations through enhancements to their e-commerce sites, offering additional abilities via mobile apps or websites, and most of all, through the goal of unified commerce. A retailer’s order management solution (OMS) is often the best approach to achieving a single unified commerce platform – enabling a single version of the truth for accurate inventory and customer information across all channels.

Many challenges exist for traditional off-line retailers making their first entrance into the highly competitive e-commerce world and retailers with many years of e-commerce experience. When you are busy “keeping the lights on,” we can help by advising you of best practices in the following areas:

  • Selection, design and implementation of SaaS and on-premises e-commerce platforms

  • Integration of your e-commerce platform with order management, merchandising, point-of-sale, warehouse/distribution systems, etc.

  • Design of a mobile shopping experience that is consistent with your customers’ desktop and in-store shopping experiences

  • Strategy and execution of cyber security and online/mobile fraud prevention

  • Incorporation of social media into the shopping experience

  • Digitize brick and mortar stores with e-commerce elements


LJCL Group offers expertise in both the selection and deployment of e-commerce systems. We help guide your unified commerce strategy and ensure the proper integration of online and offline commerce systems. LJCL Group assists with strategy development, defining initiatives and building your e-commerce roadmap complete with integration and business process design and development of the infrastructure to support it. We work closely with your IT and business teams to clearly define business objectives, measurable ROI and budget/timeline expectations.

Our e-commerce services assess channel conflict, fulfillment options, financial processing and reporting, returns, and customer service as we thoroughly examine your options for an optimized e-commerce solution. We aim to provide optimized logistics based on your enterprise capabilities, remove operational silos, reduce manual processing, enhance the customer experience and lower the costs of running your e-commerce operations.

Leveraging our retail expertise, LJCL Group is the ideal partner to deliver a winning e-commerce solution. We help you deliver the world-class e-commerce experience your customers expect.


CONNECTED COMMERCE 2016: A global study of the latest trends in retail >> Download


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